Importance of Healthy Hydration During Exercise

Importance of Healthy Hydration During Exercise

When people think of achieving their fitness goals, the first 2 things that usually come to mind are exercise and nutrition. We often forget that effective hydration plays a crucial role in our fitness plan.

There is a range of benefits that can be achieved with effective hydration during and after your workout.

3 Benefits of hydrating during your workout

  1. Body Temperature - When you exercise, your body will struggle to release the heat you generate without enough fluid to sweat it out. This is critical to the success of your workout because if you overheat, your muscles won’t perform to their optimum, making it hard for you to achieve your fitness goals.
  2. Muscle Growth - If you are dehydrated, your muscles will be deprived of fluid and electrolytes which can cause serious cramping. Yikes! Not to mention your muscle strength and control will also be impaired.
  3. Healthy Joints - Water is essential for healthy joints. Taking care of your joints is essential to your overall health especially during long exercise sessions. Damage to your joints can cause serious health issues and may even prevent you from continuing with your regular exercise routine.

3 Benefits of hydrating after your workout

  1. Muscle Repair - For your muscles to become stronger they must first break down and rebuild via muscle protein synthesis. For this to happen your muscles need to be well hydrated. If you are dehydrated during your workout this process will be slowed, resulting in longer muscle recovery time.
  2. Digestion - Saliva, which is composed primarily of water, plays an important role in breaking down the food you digest after your workout. Making sure you rehydrate correctly after your workout will aid the efficiency of your saliva production and digestive process.
  3. Removes Toxins - Exercise has a cleansing effect on the entire body. When you workout, your heart rate increases, blood flows, and toxins are released. If you have insufficient fluids available, your system will struggle to flush out the toxins.

So, what should you drink?
How much fluid you need depends on each person and of course the intensity of your workout. If your level of activity doesn’t require you to break a sweat, your trusty tap water will do the trick!

If you can feel that sweat drip, just thinking about your next workout it might be time to call in for backup. Our electrolyte formula is perfect, particularly before and during your workout. With complex carbs for sustained energy and a balanced level of sodium designed to replace the sodium lost in your sweat, you will be well hydrated throughout.

After your workout, it’s not only important to stay hydrated but also allow your body to recover. Our unique Electrolyte Whey Protein Isolate gives you the benefit of recovery and rehydration (all in one) so you will be ready for your next workout before you know it!

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