What does your body need to do today?

We’re for the workers, the doers, the strivers, the risk takers, the thrivers. We’re also for the record breakers and the champions.

At our core, we’re for anyone who simply wants to be better, do better and feel better. Our mission is to create nutrition for active humans that gives us all maximum performance and premium wellness with zero artificial ingredients and no compromises. 

eniQ is a new range of products designed to re-hydrate with healthy ingredients, supply sustained energy and help muscles recover and prepare for the next challenge. Our nutritionists, sports scientists and pharmaceutical professionals have produced unique and powerful energy, recovery and wellness products for you and everyone else who likes to lead an active and physical life.

The formulations we have created for you are potent and pure. With exactly the right ingredients, eniQ fuels your body more effectively and more efficiently, for whatever you need it to do.

Wellness powered by intelligence. 

This is eniQ.