Cottesloe Rugby Club storms home to win back to back Premierships!

Cottesloe Rugby Club storms home to win back to back Premierships!

In one of the most remarkable grand final days in Rugby WA history, Cottesloe Rugby Club have won back to back Fortescue Premier & Reserve Grade Premierships ... both winning in extra time!!

Whilst the Cottesloe Reserve Grade team beat Palmyra with a try in the last minute of extra time to clinch back to back Reserve Grade Premierships, no one could have predicted what was to happen later that day.

The Cottesloe vs Associates (Soaks) Premier Grade Grand Final was an even contest in front of a packed house between arch rivals whose home pitch is within 1 kilometre of each other. Otherwise known as The Battle of Broome St, the scores were tied at 15 all after a brutal 80 minutes. Interestingly, Cott had not scored a single try but their kicker Caleb Young's 5 for 5 field goals kept them in the game on the scoreboard.

The first half of extra time was fairly even but Soaks managed 2 field goals to edge clear 21-15.

In the 2nd half of extra time it was noticeable that Soaks, who had used all their players were tiring & cramping, with Cott still full of running. After a surging run with a minute to go, Cott's dominant scrum steam rolled the Soaks scrum across the line for a try just before the siren. 21-10 Soaks.

As the siren sounds, Caleb Young sets up in the corner and needs to convert to win Cott the game, in the dark. With ice in his veins and the Soaks crowd screaming at him (almost within touching distance), Caleb slots it. It never looked like missing.

Cott 21-20. Back to Back. Premier & Reserve Grade. Wow.

eniQ CEO Tim Scott-Branagan said, "I will never, EVER forget this day. To win 2 back to back premierships in extra time on the same day was just incredible. The players never gave in. They had faith in each other and whilst it took all 100 minutes to get over the line, they thoroughly deserved to win."

Cott's Premier Grade Captain Tobias Hoskins, who scored the last try, felt his team had an edge over Soaks. "We knew we were fitter than Soaks. We believed in each other and were strong at the end. The Soaks boys were cramping and dropping down to stretch at every break in play."

Tobias was full of praise for eniQ when it mattered most.

"I have personally never had to play 100 minutes of rugby before. We were drinking eniQ at all the breaks and didn't feel dehydrated or have anyone go down with cramp. I truly believe our eniQ gave us that extra 1% that helped us come back and win that final" said Hoskins.

"eniQ has been our hydration partner for the past 2 years. I have been drinking the products pre, during and post-match and have never felt better on the rugby field. In the past I have used standard sports drinks pre and during my games which have left a taste in my mouth and me not feeling 100%, which has led to a decrease in my on field performance. eniQ keeps me hydrated and energised for the full 80 mins with no cramping or performance lapse" said Hoskins.

eniQ and Cott enjoy a great partnership.

"Cott is a fantastic club with a very professional and inclusive culture. We look forward to supporting Cott for many years to come" said Scott-Branagan.

Watch the last 4 minutes below