Camelbak Chute Mag Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle

Camelbak Chute Mag Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle

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Whether you are working out at the gym or sweating it out outdoors, this 600mL custom eniQ Camelbak chute mag vacuum insulated drink bottle will keep your eniQ electrolyte cold for hours.

The bottle is made from double-walled stainless steel. The narrow-angled spout provides high flow & the magnetic cap stows out of the way when drinking & gives a leak-proof seal when closed.

Other features include:

  • High Flow, Leak-Proof Seal: Maximizes flow rate while eliminating splatters & spills.
  • 100% free of BPA, BPS & BPF so you can drink clean & taste your eniQ & nothing else.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interface: All parts can separate for thorough cleaning.
  • Large opening to easily pour in your electrolyte or electrolyte whey protein powder. Also allows for ice cubes to add that extra chill to your drink.

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    The carbohydrate component in eniQ tops up glycogen stores in your muscles.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or an active amateur; you’ll simply perform, feel and do better when you’re receiving optimum fluid and fuel to your brain and muscles.


    Sodium helps your recovery by replacing electrolytes (salt) which you sweat out. With eniQ products there’s none of the bad stuff so you don’t get the ‘rollercoaster’ of peaks and crashes.