The eniQ Electrolyte Difference

The eniQ Electrolyte Difference

We often talk about eniQ being a premium wellness drink using only the best ingredients available. But have you ever wondered what actually makes us different from other sports drinks?

One answer is that we provide you with sustained energy during your activity instead of sugar "spikes" and "crashes".

Most sports drinks contain monosaccharide carbohydrates such as fructose or glucose which are simple sugars. Sucrose (a disaccharide known as table sugar), is also very common. These simple sugars provide consumers with only short boosts of energy often leading to "crashes" soon after. Other negative effects can be dry mouth & cravings, tooth erosion and weight gain.

Other energy drinks include short-term energy-boosting ingredients such as caffeine or taurine. These only address short-term energy levels too.

eniQ hydration supplies natural, high-quality ingredients to provide long-term energy supplies to the body as well as short-term energy boosts.

These ingredients include Maltodextrin (a polysaccharide or complex carbohydrate) to give you the short term energy boost you need as well as Isomaltulose, which releases slowly into the bloodstream, to sustain long-term energy to the body.

In addition, we only use natural flavours, and our products have a pH of 6 causing next to no harm on your teeth.

In summary, we only want the best for you, that’s why we use the most premium ingredients available to provide you with a sustained source of energy.

Wellness powered by intelligence.

This is eniQ.

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