WA Cricket Staying Hydrated Over Summer With eniQ

WA Cricket Staying Hydrated Over Summer With eniQ

by WA Cricket Media

27 October 2023

Having helped secure Marsh Sheffield Shield and Marsh One-Day Cup titles in 2022-23, eniQ are on board again to quench WA Cricket's thirst for success.

WA Men's and Women's State team partner eniQ will continue to provide all WA Cricket players access to a range of advanced hydration products throughout the season. 

And the importance of staying hydrated cannot be oversold, according to WA Cricket Head Physical Performance Coach and SSSM Manager Toby Horak. 

“In partnering with eniQ, we’re confident we’ll be providing our players with the best possible hydration solutions throughout the summer," he said. 

“A well-hydrated athlete experiences less fatigue, retains higher cognitive ability and concentration, and will be less prone to cramping. These factors are essential to achieving peak performance in our sport, which requires considerable stamina, particularly at the height of summer. 

eniQ’s range of scientifically formulated hydration products deliver a long and sustained source of energy with healthier and natural ingredients. They served all our players well last season, so we’re excited to team up with eniQ again."

WA Cricket Men's Head Coach Adam Voges said the organisation's partnership with eniQ provided an opportunity to reinforce the significance of remaining refreshed. 

“Thanks to our partnership, all WA players will have access to eniQ products during the 2023-24 season. We have also committed to working with eniQ on educating players, coaches and administrators at all levels of the game about the importance of hydration to a player’s performance, health and wellbeing,” Voges said. 

eniQ is a local WA company that manufactures its products right here in Perth. To find out more about eniQ’s product range, www.eniq.com.

If you would like to place an order, use the promo code WACRICKET20 to receive 20% off and free shipping.

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